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Trefoil Clamp/Cable Cleats

SG Power Product Pvt. Ltd. Trefoil clamps are utilized for keeping three single core cables in Trefoil positioning which assist to keep magnetic symmetry thereby to circumvent current loss and heating of electromagnetic. As a leading Trefoil Cable clamps manufacturer and suppliers we produce clamps by molding process from Virgin Glass Filled Nylon substances. Glass filled nylon materials are used to enhance the pliability of the clamp and to keep away the breaking of clamps from the hook, while the tightening process of the three single core cables.

By means of Bolts, Nuts & washers the three single core cables are fixed into the Trefoil clamps which are commonly SS hardware or MS Zinc passivity as depends upon the Customer’s requirement. Being a foremost Trefoil Cable Cleats manufacturer and supplier we are usually supply Trefoil Clamps with dimensions between 13mm to 115mm Cable Od. Further we can also design and produce Trefoil clamps as per the demand of client according to their needs and dimensions. SG Power Trefoil Clamps have requisite mechanical strength when installed in an appropriate manner. We assure good quality of product at reasonable price.

• High Mechanical Strength in cable
• Easy installation
• Long life and can be customized