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Solar Pumps Lightning Arrester

Solar Pump lightning arresters protect actively on a large scale and are reliable medium. The ion generator inside permits the lightning conductor to stop and catch a probable dangerous lightning strike earlier than a simple rod conductor and ground it securely.

SG Power Product Pvt. Ltd. is founded by skilled professionals from the electrical and chemical engineering industry that have developed many innovative and cost effective products for the construction industry and our proficiency in this area has helped us all time in adding and upgrading our product range to meet the rising requirements of the Indian industry. Solar Pump lightning arrester is the result of our innovative thought process. We are serving successfully to various industries like construction, IT, healthcare, chemical, electrical, power etc.

Being a flawless Solar Pump lightning arrester manufacturer and supplier we offer the product which are based on fit and forget concept. The larger area of protection can be covered in single installation as compare to conventional lightning protection system. The terminals are made of stainless steel which is suitable for every weather conditions.

• Easy installation
• Available as per requirement
• Durability