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Solar Phase Surge Protection Device

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Solar Phase Surge Protection Device

Solar Phase Surge Protectors are designed to protect Solar PV System ill transients/ surges generated due to subjection of these applications and its interlinking back to AC utility grid. The solar PV array introduces more exposure to direct and/or induced lightning surges to the greater surface area. These potential threats and increases the systems life expectancy are eliminates by Solar Phase surge protection device

Truprotekt manufactured Solar Phase Surge Protector device by keeping view of protection of expensive inverters from the direct and indirect lightening surges transmitting from solar panels through its connected cables. In this device solar ACDB plays an important part for solar power Plant. As a leading Solar Phase Surge Protection manufacturer and supplier we make customized ACDB according to client’s specifications and requirement such as indoor type and outdoor type. The protection of electrical circuit from transmitting surges, overload and short circuit, and human personnel from earth leakage fault which is fatal can be conducted by this device. To read the generated power and current generation values like current, voltage, power factor etc an energy meter is installed in it.

• Protection from surge and lightning
• Maintain Voltage
• Product customization is available