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Solar Earthing Kit

SG Power Product Pvt. Ltd. is the recognized manufacturer and supplier of huge range of solar earthing kit in the market. As a leading brand of Solar Earthing Kit Manufacturers our kit consist of ground enhancing compound, ground enhancing gel and industrial grounding cover. Being Solar Earthing Kit supplier we maintain the high quality products by using standard raw material from exclusive vendors available in the market. We use efficacious advance technology for designing solar earthing kit as per internationally proved norms.

Solar earthing kits are designed and manufacture for facilities and refineries, oil refineries and pump stations, heavy industries, food processing and water treatment plants, transmission and distribution system, petrochemical, LNG, and nuclear facilities, etc. To make the rods efficiently strong we use low magnetic conductivity while manufacturing due to which direct the fault current effectively. SG Power Product Pvt. Ltd. offer efficient quality products which are comprises of various accessories like clamps and enhanced compounds. All the related accessories are available in complete bag which is ready to install at a single go. So instead of purchasing products separately it’s advisable to purchase the complete kit to save money.

• Economical
• Associated accessories are available in single kit
• Easy installation