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PVC Nylon FRP Trefoil Clamp

The clamps designed to fit cables in trefoil formation are termed as Trefoil Cable Cleats or Trefoil Cable Clamps. The Trefoil Cable Clamps are available in different range of materials which includes aluminum trefoil cleats, stainless steel trefoil cleats, non-metallic or nylon trefoil cable cleats, SS316L trefoil cable cleats and much more. As per environment, support structure, fault level kA peak, cable size/ range and liners you can opt any kind of clamps which suits to your application.

SG Power Product Pvt. Ltd. manufactures trefoil clamps in complete range including Nylon FRP Trefoil Clamp which are used as protection of power and control cable from lightning discharges and create easy cable circulation paths. The voltages are move in the scabbard of cables runs parallel which result in circulation of currents flow in scabbard. The determination of voltage induced is done through the cables running in parallel distance between the single cores. The distances between the cables are minimum with single core cables in trefoil formation due to voltages induced are minimized and hence the circulating currents cause localized heating.

As a Nylon FRP Trefoil Clamp manufacturer and supplier our skilled engineers design and produce best quality product to offer durability and reliability to our valuable clients at pan India.

• Availability of multistrap
• Control high voltage
• Avoid electromagnetic heating