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Pure Copper Earthing Electrode

We, Truprotekt have started journey in recent years with the motive of providing the most reliable, permanent and cost-effective earthing solutions to our valuable customers. By working as a Pure Copper Earthing Electrode manufacturer, we offer a vast range which can suitably fulfill the requirements of today’s advanced earthing related usage, demands and expectations. As a Pure Copper Earthing Electrode supplier we provide product assortment includes Chemical earthing electrode, GI earthing electrode, Copper earthing electrode, Copper bonded earthing electrode, back fill compound, and Copper bonded rod, Copper lightning arresters, Earth Pit cover, ESE lightning arrester, Lightning strike counter, Lightning arrester tester and much more.

Being Pure Copper Earthing Electrode wholesaler we designed the product to keep your priceless equipment from any kind of harm can be caused by lightning effects and damage. These electrodes are prefect to use to keep the electrical equipment safe and secure for long life performance. SG Power, the Pure Copper Earthing Electrode exporter is one of the prime names when it comes to high performing array of earthing products.

• Most reliable and quality Earthing Electrode
• Corrosion free
• Safe to use and high performing gamut