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FRP Trefoil Clamp

SG Power Product Pvt. Ltd. FRP Trefoil Clamps are utilize to settle single core cables in Trefoil touching formation which assist to prolong magnetic symmetry to keep away electromagnetic heating and loss of current. The single core PVC/ HDE, XLPE, XLPE insulated aluminum, un- armored, earth and unearth power cables from 1. 1 kv to 132 kv grade are suitable FRP trefoil clamps. FRP Trefoil clamp is used for balancing high voltage single core or higher sizes cables.

Being a FRP Trefoil Clamp manufacturer and supplier we use are in-depth knowledge and industrial expertise to design and produce the best quality product. We source raw material from trustworthy vendors and our expert workforce use their skilled set to offer you premium quality FRP. Due to its special design some variation of cable diameter can also be fixed easily and offer good mechanical strength. SG Power can customize FRP Trefoil Clamp in different dimensions and specifications as per our clients’ needs. FRP Trefoil Clamp can be utilized for vertical or horizontal, indoor or outdoor running cables inside trenches or on racks / galleries.

• Light weight
• Strong Resistant
• Long life as not affected by chemical, acids or atmosphere