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ESE Lightning Arrester

ESE Lightning Arrester

ESE Lightning Arrester particular motive of the SG power Electric lightning rod is to generate ionization directed at the cloud, so that any feasible electrical discharge can be channelize from the starting among exciter set, which has prospective as the surrounding air and sand. On the other hand, the point and the deflector set, which are both at earth potential, a potential difference is established. This prospective dissimilarity will be greater when atmospheric potential gradient is higher, therefore, when lightning formation is most likely.

Truprotekt is a prime ESE Lightning Arrestor manufacturer and supplier. ESE Lightning Arrestor is a metal rod, made of copper and used as part of lightning safety to secure tall or isolated structures (roof of a building or the mast of a vessel) from lightning damage. The leading cause of weather related damage to building equipments occurs due to lightning. The need for improved lightning protection is evident as average lightning currents are of 20 to 30 kilo amps and heat energy is excess of 20,000°C. On the basis of our observations and experiences in this field, we endorse to install the lightning protection on the structure anyway of the existence of a strike hazard level.

• Protection from lightening in radius format
• Relevant Standards and Test Certificates
• Latest technology