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Earthing Inspection Chamber

Pit spread – SG power is one of the biggest producer , provider, merchant of Earth Pit covers and has huge number of fulfilled clients as best quality crude material is utilized for making these items. Pit spread fabricated by us have astounding solidness , and ideal solidarity to withstand considerable heap of any sort.

Earthing Pit covers are given over earthing top to do wellbeing check just as checking and recording Earthing Resistance value.In request to stay away from workmanship work at site instant earth pit covers were introduced.Being one of the pioneers in assembling HDPE earth pit covers we are resolved to give best quality items yet at sensible cost.

Earthing Covers are made of high thickness poly Polypropylene. Its contains conelike shape and having less distance across at top contrast with base. This exceptional shape has an additional bit of leeway that it is firmly gotten by encompassing soil and does n’t come out effectively when pulled.