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DC SPD – DC Surge Protection Device

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DC SPD – DC Surge Protection Device

Basically Dc distribution board integrates the dc power of solar PV modules strings into single array. In addition, the integration of all string is made pass through individual array dc fuses in shunt with DC Surge Protection Device. Truprotekt manufactures this device by keeping in view for protection of expensive inverters from the direct and indirect lightening surges transmitting from solar panels through its connected cables. DC Surge Protection Device comes with the combination package of DC fuses, SPD and DC MCB/Isolators. The provision of suitable cable entry and exit points of appropriate sizes of incoming and also outgoing cables is given by PG plastic glands and MC4 connectors.

As a DC Surge Protection Device manufacturer and supplier we know that PV installations must be designed in such a way to provide full exposure to sunlight, they are highly unprotected to the effects of lightning. The potential impact of lightning events increases with system size as the capacity of a PV array is directly related to its exposed surface area.

• Appropriately designed, specified and installed DC surge protection devices can reduce the potential impact of lightning events
• Recommended after risk assessment study
• Economical