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Conventional Copper Lightning Arrester

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Conventional Copper Lightning Arrester

A conventional copper lightning arrester is a single component in lightning protection system. To secure home or building in the event of lightning a metal conductor is mounted on the top of the building and electrically connected to earth through a wire which is known as conventional lightning rod coated with copper.

Truprotekt is a wide range manufacturer of products including conventional copper lightning arrester. In this modern world, the high-rise structures like buildings, chimneys, hospitals, airports, hotels and towers etc. adding a new trend in the modern lifestyle, but new trend of heights structures are also inviting the risk of lightning strikes. For the purpose of protection against this risk element, lightning protection system is the only solution. For more than a decade, SG Power is a name in external and internal Lightning Protection for high-rise modern infrastructure, technological advancement in electronic devices and electrical installations.

Truprotekt is a foremost conventional copper lightning arrester manufacturer and supplier and offer the complete lightning protection solution from designing till installation as per latest IS/IEC 62305 and NBC norms. We are comprises of skilled designing and servicing team who is having huge experience in completing different projects of our prestigious clients.

• High safety ensured
• Supreme resistance to oxidation
• Stable performance due to uniformed coating