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AC SPD – AC Surge Protector

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AC SPD – AC Surge Protector

The usage of AC Surge Protector is to secure your installation by limiting transient over-voltages and redirecting surge currents to ground. SG Power Product Pvt. Ltd. is a prime AC Surge Protector manufacturer and supplies comprises of wide range. We use advance technologies for manufacturing Surge Protection Devices for protecting residential or commercial properties.

Now days, commercial and residential buildings are mainly reliant on the systematic and continuous use of AC. Thus, over-voltage surges poorly affect the efficient operation of ACs which has become the major reason for failure of air conditioners. SG Power Product Pvt. Ltd. offers the best designed and manufactured Surge Protecting Devices to secure electrical equipment from high discharge current and high operating voltage. This voltage fluctuation cause due to direct and indirect switching, lighting strikes, switching of the utility grid, and much more reasons.

We are reliable and guaranteed AC SPD Manufacturer and Supplier in India, who offer high standard quality product at affordable price to our clients. SG Power supply products to distributors, suppliers, and wholesalers, or also to those who want the products in bulk quantity.

• Economical
• Maintain voltage
• Easy to install