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SG Power Products Pvt. Restricted ( Safe Ground ), Head office at E-23, New Arya Nagar Ghaziabad, is one of the pioneer in synthetic earthing.

SG power is one of the biggest maker and Supplier of Earth Pit covers, Building Lightning Arrester and has huge number of fulfilled clients as best quality crude material is utilized for making these items. Pit spread fabricated by us have superb sturdiness , and ideal solidarity to withstand generous heap of any sort. Earthing Pit covers are given over earthing top to do wellbeing check just as checking and recording Earthing Resistance esteem.

ln request to dodge workmanship work at site instant earth pit covers were introduced.Being one of the pioneers in assembling HDPE earth pit covers we are resolved to give best quality items yet at sensible cost. Earthing Covers are made of high thickness poly Polypropylene.

Its contains conelike shape and having less width at top contrast with base. This remarkable shape has an additional favorable position that it is firmly gotten by encompassing soil and does n’t come out effectively when pulled.


1. We have basic beliefs and reason which stay fixed all through our business procedures and practices.

2. We can recharge/structure and redoes our cycles to adapt up to quickly change time and accomplish unrivaled and reliable long haul execution. We have this uncommon capacity to oversee coherence and change.

3. Our constant spotlight on its suffering center reason for Safety for Machine and Human.


1. As one of the Pioneers in support free earthing we plan to give our clients best understanding, Full assistance comfort , best costs and persistent upgrades.

2. We don’t mediate anything short of greatness as we accept that we are to make best items.

3. As we move towards our objective of being an elite and best client principal organization in India.

4. We put stock in Self-genuineness .


Gainfulness:- To use the HR, most recent innovation and resources of the organization in best and productive way to create an ideal degree of profitability with satisfactory security and liquidity.

Development:- To accomplish sensible predictable and expanded development of our items in India and on board.

Creating hierarchical capacities:- To make condition and condition in the association helpful for creating and keeping up its information, human and physical assets and make the organization a learning association.

Quality:- To guarantee that nature of our items and administrations completely meets prerequisite of client.

Incentive for all:- To be guided in the entirety of its activity by the thought of making an incentive for every one of its representatives, customers and colleagues to turn into a special regarded association.